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Ongoing Private In House Events

Your staff will be provided with retail process training, role-playing and coaching that elevates and delivers an improved interaction with every client.

With the current changing retail environment, market share opportunities and increasing choices in product, service and buying options, today’s vehicle owners are exercising their ability to choose more than ever before. These same realities are putting ever increasing pressure on dealers, their management staff, manufacturers and third party providers. We can provide your dealership with Two Years of Private In House Training beginning with a four day Kick off followed by two days of training every 60 days for one year and two days every 90 days for the second year.


All areas of your organization are directly impacted by how well or how poorly your dealership handles the customer experience. The customer experience determines profitability, customer satisfaction, advocacy, loyalty, and sales and service retention. Improving the customer experience will enhance all of these attributes. Provide written action plans and Leading Practice recommendations for key process improvement opportunities.

With the customer experience in mind:          

  • How do we convert more of our shoppers into buyers while retaining additional gross profit?

  • How do we get more customers to come back and purchase from us again?

  • What activities will increase the number of sales customers who become service customers?

  • What can we do to ensure that more sales and service customers are becoming bigger advocates of our dealership and its brand?

  • How do we make the best use of our finite advertising dollars to drive more shoppers into our dealership?


This workshop will introduce the concepts of core product, enhancers, detractors and defection. We will also address the internal and external customer concept, and how all of these things work together, to cause either loyalty or defection. This workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to move forward to the next level in providing a great service experience.”


• Dealership profitability is greatly influenced by the success of the parts, service

and the collision departments.


• Success of the fixed operations department is directly related to the dealerships ability to attract, satisfy and retain customers


• Customer satisfaction and retention are inseparable


• As competition in the automotive arena intensifies, only the dealerships with the most loyal customers will prosper


Successful parts and service departments have one thing in common.  They rely on a set of daily disciplines, standard procedures used consistently day  after day. This allows them to deliver at a consistently high level  of performance no matter what their day throws at them.

The Cardone Parts and Service Daily Disciplines have been matured working with the best performing dealer groups in the US. These processes represent proven best practices which meet ongoing challenges faced by managers  in their daily operations.


This workshop will take a look at process improvement as it relates to the internal and external customer. We must identify what works and what doesn’t work within our current processes, and recognize what can be done to improve, and continuously measure for the success. The best opportunity to build customer retention is with great service. This means that our internal and external processes must be of service not of sale. WE MUST FIX THE CAR, AND THE EXPERIENCE!


Measure the results through…

• Increase employee loyalty

• Increase customer loyalty

• Increases retailer profitability, market share and sales


Employee loyalty builds customer loyalty, and it is the combination of both that will allow us to achieve continuous maximum increases in customer retention and referral business.


All world class service providers have one thing in common: how seriously they take their employees. In fact, their employees are as important to them as their clients because they feel they wouldn’t have one without the other. World class service providers do not see themselves in the selling business at all. They are in the service business and employees know they are always selling themselves. Our objective is to increase owner retention through improved employee awareness.


• Difference between level of service and quality of service


• The customer and core product


• Relationship of process and the customer retention


The Service Operations Self Assessment Program is intended to help you institute and improve internal behavior and control systems that improve every step of the service process. This Self Assessment Program includes Leading Practice Checklists along with Self Assessment scorecards for each service process. 

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Write Up Consultation

  • Warranty Compliance

  • Dispatch Process

  • Repair Process

  • Repair Status

  • Quality Inspection

  • Delivery Process

The overriding goal is servicing more vehicles while maximizing profit and customer satisfaction. The idea is to change the daily behavior of parts and service team members from reacting to whatever is directly in front of them to controlling the direction of theirday.

Ultimately accomplishing all of the Parts and Service Daily Disciplines will require participation of the entire parts and service team. This participation will create a unique opportunity to improve individual skillsets of all team members to a level where this daily activity is consistent and profitable.

The difference between proactive leadership and reactive management is consistency in process application. 


Participants of this workshop will evaluate processes through both the internal and external customers’ eyes by observing co-workers perform their core product in a live business environment. We will emphasize the three key attributes that dealers must focus on to provide world class service.

• Convenience Providing convenient days and hours of operation

• Value Enhancing the consumers perception of the dealerships pricing

• Loyalty Establishing and maintaining a relationship with the customer beyond the warranty experience

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