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Ongoing Private In House Events


Your sales team will drill down each step of the selling process to take personal ownership of the information so they can perform, teach and manage the 5 step selling process.

With the current changing retail environment, market share opportunities and increasing choices in product, service and buying options, today’s vehicle owners are exercising their ability to choose more than ever before. These same realities are putting ever increasing pressure on dealers, their management staff, manufacturers and third party providers. We can provide your dealership with Two Years of Private In House Training beginning with a four day Kick off followed by two days of training every 60 days for one year and two days every 90 days for the second year.


• Learn how to deliver a power greeting
• Review and practice performing an appraisal while simultaneously creating a vital customer profile
• Study ways to make smooth transitions from one step in the sales process to the next
• Learn to help customers make a fast and accurate selection
• Learn to transition into an emotionally charged and dramatic presentation / demonstration
• Practice presenting selection alternatives
• Discover the importance of the write up and how to make it work for you

• Practice negotiations and work on skills for being an effective closer



  • Practice the power greeting

  • Practice appraisal and customer profiling

  • Give examples of the type of information that would be included in a complete customer profile

  • Create conversational questions that will provide a complete customer profile

  • Describe how the appraisal can be a tool for customer profiling

  • Compare the benefits of doing an appraisal before selection to doing it later in the process

  • Role-play ways to transition from the greeting to the appraisal

  • Role-play the appraisal

  • Complete a “Coach Pad” while doing an appraisal of the customer’s vehicle



• Practice the power greeting and appraisal / buyer profile steps of the Cardone Express Sales Process
• Learn how to use the buyer profile to assist the customer in selecting a vehicle
• Tailor a presentation / demonstration to the customer’s need (size, style, safety, comfort, economy, performance, dependability, resale value, image, etc.)
• Learn how the senses can be used to create emotional involvement when demonstrating a vehicle
• Role-play doing a complete selection and demonstration of a vehicle
• Give the rationale behind attempting to write up 100% of potential buyers
• Examine the validity of excuses for not writing up the buyer
• Handle customer objections to being written up

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• Learn how to make a smooth transition to the presentation of figures
• Practice overcoming objections to the write up
• Practice using a negotiation process that is fast, easy and simple
• Learn consistent ways to negotiate each transaction
• Use worksheets to handle the presentation of figures
• Justify value of the selected vehicle utilizing payment breakdown
• Negotiate with buyers wanting to sell their own vehicle
• Practice overcoming objections during presentation of figures
• Role-play negotiation techniques



• Handle price, availability, advertisement, interest rate & appraisal calls

• Learn to create appointments that show

• Create a need for yourself and your dealership

• Learn Fax Back / Information Overload Technology

• Learn Consistent language and techniques

• Learn Accountability for phone customers



• Review entire Cardone Express Sales Process
• Initiate buyer sensitive issues
• Competently handle objections
• Learn and use a variety of closes

• Complete a final exercise that tests competency of the Cardone Express Sales Process

• Upon completion of this visit you will be able to use the process checklists to monitor and continually improve all aspects of your Cardone Express Sales Process

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