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Digital Marketing Platform

ePencil CRM is a combination of Management Commitment, Process, and Technology all working together

to maximize the value of each customer relationship.

The ePencil CRM total solution doesn’t end at the sale. We believe you should maximize the overall value of your customer base for your dealership. That’s where the industry’s most powerful Auto CRM solution works to build a long time relationship with your automotive buyer. Most vehicle buyers don’t just buy one, they trade up every few years.  

In today’s marketplace, you simply can’t afford to lose one single customer! eCRM is easy-to-use technology that keeps you in constant contact with every customer…every time.

Internet customers? YES! Unsold showroom follow up? YES! Phone ups? Previous customers? YES!
Plus the best digital marketing platform for both Sales & Service ever created!


  • Auto Pilot means you will never lose track of another customer—no matter what—and it’s easy because it’s automatic!

  • Finally you can make the most out of every customer relationship through total integration of the follow up process!

  • Follow up has “traction” and “teeth” because the activities produce results that can be tracked and measured.

  • One system for tracking EVERYTHING makes eCRM easy to use.

  • With just one glance, you’ll know the exact status of every store—and you can drill down as deep as you want to go with just a click of the mouse!

  • One source for every customer contact takes the guess work out of follow-up—you can see it all and track it all in one solution!

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  • Auto Pilot consistently and constantly communicates with EVERY customer AUTOMATICALLY!

  • Built on a true digital marketing platform, eCRM produces multi-channel marketing communications to all of your customers.

  • Easy to use Daily Work Plans for every member of your sales staff.

  • Fully integrated with virtually every DMS (and of course ePencil).

  • Enterprise level reporting for dealer groups or multiple roof-tops. 

  • Tracks all email, telephone and follow-up activity—eCRM even acts as your Internet lead management tool!

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