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The Perfect Negotiator

Over thirty million worksheets presented, hundreds of dealers, 24 years of industry experience. That’s why The Cardone Group is the leader in Sales Process Training, and ePencil is the industry standard in Technology Assisted Selling and Deal Desking.
Technology Assisted Selling was introduced over 15 years ago in F&I and immediately increased product sales and tripled the profits of the department.

In seconds, your Sales Managers can instantly create computer generated worksheets

Now Technology Assisted Selling is revolutionizing the sales and negotiation process. With the ever increasing importance of full disclosure negotiations, providing your customers with a computer generated presentation of figures that includes estimates on down payment, monthly payment, rate, and term has become not only a benefit, but also an issue of compliance.

ePencil Worksheets


  • 2 Days Private In-house Training

  • 4 Attendees to Cardone Management Workshop in Orlando Florida

  • Unlimited Access to Cardone Office

  •  24 Monthly Performance Reviews with Your Management Team

  • Up to six licenses of ePencil

  • Unlimited Showroom Traffic Kiosks

  • Electronic Finance Menu 


Cuts the time spent structuring and closing deals in half. 50% of ePencil deals are closed in 12 minutes or less!


1-out-of-5 ePencil deals are closed on “first pencil”! with an average increase in “front end” profit of $632.00 per deal.


Creates instant credibility and provides your staff with all the information they need to close the deal now.


Fully tracks, records and time stamps every customer interaction for management review.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of automotive services. Call us now to find out more!

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