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Instantly provide all the information a consumer needs for every vehicle in your inventory:

Thousands of auto dealers throughout the country have discovered the power of The Cardone Group’s Express Buying™ Sales Training in their dealerships. By delivering a fast and fair price, payment and trade-in value to consumers with Cardone’s revolutionary e-Pencil™ system, dealers sell more cars and generate more gross-per-sale.

And now Cardone’s revolutionary Express Buying Online™ software is changing the way dealers sell cars online by delivering the power of e-Pencil™ technology to the Internet and providing price, payment and trade-in value in “real time” to eager online shoppers.

We’ve made it our business for the past 25 years to study what drives consumers to buy cars, what they want to see and hear from a dealer, what makes them comfortable and what the exact formula is to quickly lead them through the sales process and ultimately into the drivers seat.

  • Web tools to engage and retain dealer website traffic 

  • Web based calculation of down payment, monthly payment based on current manufacturer lease and retail incentives 

  • Target payment marketing to create campaigns that reach the customer online and on the lot 

  • Powerful point of purchase merchandising incorporating latest campaigns, incentives and leases

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