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Closing should be as simple as asking for the client’s approval to do business. By handling the presentation of figures and negotiations properly, the close becomes as easy as “sign here and I will get your vehicle ready for immediate delivery”.

Industry wide, the best closers are the ones that are prepared to ask for the client’s agreement multiple times. Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t even ask properly the first time, let alone multiple times.

To be a great closer you need to be in closing situations. The more consistent you are at the early steps in the process the easier closing becomes. If you have treated the client properly, you have earned the right to ask for their business. Think about it: if you don’t properly close the client, and they purchase at another dealership, will they get the same level of service from them as they would from you? No! It is your right and duty to ask for their business.

Multiple attempts at closing should not be considered pressure. Pressure, as described by clients, is related to asking them to buy when you have not provided them with a reason to do so. To protect yourself from this problem, make sure that you have invested the appropriate effort into all the initial steps of the process.

Clients’ expectations

Clients expect to be asked to purchase in a polite and fair manner, to not feel pressured to buy based on lack of information provided or difficult negotiations, to reach an agreement quickly, that the salesperson and manager will respect their time, and that the negotiations and closing will take place at a location where they are comfortable and have adequate privacy.

How to meet the clients’ expectations

The salesperson must consistently get into closing situations. The salesperson and manager must be adequately versed in asking the client to purchase in a non-threatening manner. The salesperson must know multiple closes and be willing to stay in the deal and ask the client to purchase multiple times.

Key steps in closing

Salespeople must conclude every negotiation technique with a request for the client’s business. They must be familiar with all possible buyer objections to closing and able to overcome objections toprice, trade value, down payment, monthly payment, term and interest rate. They must also practice different closes.

Salespeople must avoid situations in which closing will not be successful, situations including where the present figures step is not completed; never entered a closing situation, where the client has selected the wrong product and where there is no follow up with client.

Managers must ask clients for the sale but avoid undue sales pressure—both in terms of persuading clients to pay a higher price and attempting to convince clients to make a deal today. They must treat each client on an individual basis, guided by an honest evaluation of whether the attempt to make a sale has risen to the point that clients feel uncomfortable and are looking for a way to exit the dealership,likely to view the experience as negative, reducing the possibility of a return visit or referral.Managers must additionally be ready and willing to engage clients on any topic the salesperson does not effectively address. They must provide information packages to clients containing final numbers, “Why Buy Here” info, possible alternatives, etc. to unsold clients. Lastly, they must establish the next step/contact with the client.

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