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What Are We Looking To Accomplish:

This four day workshop is the cornerstone of The Cardone Group’s revolutionary approach to selling in today’s environment!

This private in-house workshop includes two identical days of classroom training (half of your Sales and Management team attends each day) and two full days of customized showroom work where we roll up our sleeves and go to work with your staff!

Women Voting


- How to initiate buyer-sensitive issues at point of contact.

- Perform a walk around appraisal while building a buyer profile.

- Make smooth transitions between steps on the sales process.

- Land every customer on the right car every time!

- Move the customer to Write Up—100% of the time!

- Practice negotiations and develop skills as an effective closer.

As a follow up to this workshop, each attendee will be provided with an audio CD and workbook, so they can continue to develop the skill sets we train in our workshop.

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