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What Are We Looking To Accomplish:

  • Ensures that all of your new Salespeople master the skills they need to succeed!

  • The end result? Your dealership will be staffed with "frontline ready Salespeople".

  • More sales… More Profits… better CSI… Less turnover.  

Data on a Touch Pad

Your ability to recruit, train and retain Salespeople has a direct effect on your bottom line.

Employee turnover costs your dealership over $11,000 per occurrence and that does not include lost sales. You can't afford NOT to train new hires until they are competent and confident enough to produce the results you deserve!



  • Greeting

  • Selection/Demonstration

  • The Close​

  • The Delivery Experience

  • Success Schedule

  • Automotive Language and Terminology

  • Creating world Class CSI​

  • Attitude Development

  • Appraisal/Profile Building

  • Presenting Figures

  • Overcoming Objections

  • Role Playing Every Step of The Sales Process

  • Creating an Effective Plan of Action

  • Follow Up Procedures

  • Phone Skills

  • Setting Goals for Success 

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